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As a technology-thinker, I often find myself thinking about the major ongoings in IT – those which will influence the core of our lives. I recently met with a spectacular newspaper-article on the Cloud Computing and that drove me to write this up. The Cloud is a warmly welcomed trend, which performs all the works of a computer system (like word-processing, programming, gaming, drawing etc.) online on the internet, via a range of devices like desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, smartphone etc.

Just have a look how the logic of cloud is joining internet with every device and every task:

The logical diagram of cloud computingHere is a text that will help everyone understand the cloud under the following headings:

» The fence between online and offline is now fading away…
» It is hard to search the drives for a file and easy to download it again from Google…
» Software as a Service (SaaS)…
» An interesting question…

Putting forward the marvelous about this trend… More

Techknowlogy For Life

Today I saw a man, who looked like involved in some official business, carrying a bluetooth device and probably a phone in the pocket. I thought about him for a minute and concluded that the person stores all his works in the office PC. Obviously, no paper-bunch can do the work so organizingly. He, therefore, enjoys the availability of pin-point data at the tap of a key (or, perhaps by just saying the file name!) and also the high computational powers and accuracy of the machine.

But then, there exists a dark side. What if his rival manages to lay hands on his office PC, perhaps when he’s out? Even if the system is password-protected, or endowed with any such dream-securities, he can break in with some tact and make a blast… Not that hard task.
Or, if our person is very unlucky, he may get a simple trojan to ruin it all.

The above possibilities connote all the aspects of present technology – It is all the good, the bad and the ugly. More

GodMode in Windows

Want to get all control of your Windows OS at one place? It is really amazing and convenient to find every setting, tool, option etc. at your hands by a simple trick, which I call ‘GodMode’.
The given trick works on Windows Vista and 7… hopefully will also work smooth in Windows 8. With this, you can get every Windows option present all over at a single place. You become somewhat ‘God’ of your Operating System.

Here are the simple steps :

Create a New Folder.
Rename the folder carefully to GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and save.
(However, the name “GodMode” can be any other name also, but the text after it is to be exactly same.)
You’ll see the folder icon changes automatically.
Congratulations, the folder has changed into a magic box! Open it and work with the GodMode customization.

Explanation :
The ‘GodMode’ is actually a Windows area called ‘All Tasks’. It holds all Control Panel options. The above trick makes it too much easy to find the settings quickly.
Another way to open this page is to give a “Run” command for shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} and open.

Note :
The above works perfect on 32-bit versions. But be a little careful on other ones.

Steve Jobs Says – “iRest”

Jobs holding a white iPhone 4 at Worldwide Developers Conference 2010Everyone knows Jobs… Steve Jobs. A great personality in the tech world, famous as co-founder of Apple and its former CEO, Steve Jobs is admired among all. Apple is a truly big company and he has made various path-breaking feats for bringing Apple up. Now this is really sad that he has left the world forever.

This post was originally posted describing about his resignation but presently, I am modifying it to cover the whole, as a small tribute to the great man who has done so much for tech.
Thus, here are some words remembering Jobs and a view of his resignation, which he gave about a month ago. More

The Story of New Internet Protocol Version 6

Internet is a tool you won’t be able to live without. But the pillar on which the large concept of WWW stands was recently suspected to be cracking.
“Is WWW going to be doomed?”, “What’s the way of Web ahead?” – Questions like these swarmed all over. The largest of corporations worked day and night to start a system that would revive the Web.
What actually was the problem and its solution? Here’s the story of a topic which was recently in much buzz. More

Vendor Prefixes in CSS

A web-standard is only useful if it’s implemented. However, standards are often implemented even before they are fully defined. Sometimes, there are differences in how they are defined in different browsers. Taking CSS for instance, new CSS features under development or in the process of standardization are implemented with specific vendor prefixes. Given is a view of vendor prefixes of some prominent browsers. More

What Facebook Means by a Profile, a Page and a Group ?

The words – Profile, Page and Group – are exclusively integrated with Facebook. They are the three pillars on which Facebook’s face of networking stands. Although they are all from the same social network, however, they are utterly different in purposes and functions.
Here find them, basically explained. More

Conserving Your Flash Memories

You can’t afford any damage to your memory cards and USB drives, which is to say flash memories. After all, they contain all your privet data and office documents.
One can’t do without a bunch of important data with him on the go, in shape of a flash memory. Similarly, taking care of such devices is equally essential. There exist some simple practices which ensure that one doesn’t ends up losing all his data because of decay in the memory.
Here is the code of conserving them, giving them a precious protection… More

Renaming “My Computer”

Want to change the traditional name of “My Computer” in your Windows PC to a desired nick?
With a simple registry entry, it is possible to change the name. Let’s learn…

We have to open the Registry Editor tool for this purpose… Click on Start Button and type “regedit” or “regedit.exe” under the “Run” option to open Registry Editor program.

Navigate this way :

Then double click on “Default” placed on the right side of the editor. Enter the desired name you wish to give in the “Value Data” field, for e.g. “Phoenix”. Confirm the entry and close the editor. Enjoy the results.

(Note that this change is applicable only for the currently logged-on user. If you wish to rename the “My Computer” for other users as well, you must login from the relevant user account and go through the settings to give a different name.)

Blogger, WordPress and Today’s Blogging

Introduction of social networking has distracted most people from blogging, but many regular blog writers still have the virtue as such.

Blogging hasn’t died yet, nor it can be called old-fashioned.

Moving on towards the blogging world, Blogger and WordPress are among the valiant warriors in this sector, both offering neck-to-neck competition to each other (The article is focused on these two, but there are many other good providers out there).

Many newbies are confused about what to choose, Blogger or WordPress… What would be perfect as per their needs. Since all have different needs, here is a magnified version of features and facts. More

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